Nova Luna

Breaking in on the line

Damion gets the idea to see if the electric train tracks are being used for communication. After doing some testing figure out that the tracks form a simple 8 bit system. A big burst of info alarmed Damion and he tried to figure out what was going on. The burst of info was at DSL speeds, something not seen in the time frame before. The transmission was encoded and when Damion tried to decode it using his computer connection back to the home time frame the encoding set off alarms set in place by the Men in Black back in the 1980’s. After the connection is reestablished and people including the President of the United States and The Queen of England are calmed down we find out what set off the alarm. Back in the 1980’s there was a time incursion in Miami. A person from the future was apprehended, interrogated, and eliminated along with his technology. This was before more was known about the incursions so they thought that total elimination was needed in order to save the world. Now we know that this is not the case. Damion figures out that the sensor he has could possibly decrypt the transmission with a software upgrade and that he could do it peer to peer. Trying to track down the “peer” the group finds themselves back down in the second level of the Hobb’s End alchera where they have been hiding out. Alex gets a funny feeling and lets loose with her powers and connects the second level to a different time line. Callum, Elizabeth, and Damion go back u the ladder and find themselves coming out a manhole in 1980’s Miami. Damion uses his sensor to track the “peer” and after some time run across a man from the future and a Men in Black squad. They grab the guy and stealing a boat head out to sea to interrogate the suspect. Callum pops out the bio-booster and flies after them. Damion and Elizabeth grab a jet-ski and flow after Callum. Since it is a different time frame than their own they decide to save the man and bring him back with them. Callum grabs the guy and the group heads back to the manhole and back to Hobb’s End. The group then hears back from the Men in Black who heard from a retired agent who just remembered Callum grabbing the guy off the boat which he should not have any memory of. The man from the futures name is David 113 Northgreen, he is a technical analyst and has genetic alterations to better live in outer space. He helps update the sensors software before his dies. He then uses the upgraded sensor to decode the transmission while the group get some info from him. The people from his time are the ones that rescued and rebuilt Damion and Guthrie. They thought that they had sent us back home but there was obviously issues. Damion was sent to 2013 and Guthrie was sent to the alternate 1912 time line. David came back in time to get away from an alien invasion. The aliens are mechanical in nature and have been beaten by mankind once before. The transmission tells the team that Guthrie’s assistant,Dr. Seral Northcoat,is hiding at a lab in Scotland and is scheduled for termination. The group decides to rescue him and shot up there on “Air Callum”. They sneak into the lab as it is being surrounded and look for Seral. Seral has been upgraded with steampunkish cyber-ware and the group finds out/figures out several things before leaving with the doctor before the lab is raided. The moon is the same distance from earth on all time frames which is the distance from 2013. They had tried to visit the moon with a bathysphere set up with a gravity motor which the Mercurian Society has only a few of these alien devices. Their ship did not work correctly due to properly understanding what it takes to travel in space. They hoped that a visit to the moon would give them an understanding of what was going on. Seral seemed to know about alien invasion and tried to explain how they are being seen in multiple time lines, this gave me as a player a headache so some one else can try and explain it. On the way back to Hobb’s End the gravity motor from the bathysphere was liberated. Alex opened up a door to the pyramid complex and David, Seral, and the motor were sent through. The group is thinking of using the motor to visit the moon to see if there could be any clues as to the alien invasion.

Radiation Wasteland

Found a hole in Hobbs end that appears to be a bleedover. The old well was full of 40’s radiological drums(80-90KG) of waste, and a mostly dead lycanthrope that was REALLY fast.

The alchera level 2 has been smeared across a bunch of shards. We’ll see about getting it fixed.

Guthrie has a chateu in Switzerland.

Seals inbound

Headed to Bexley. A multinational team was in trouble. Flew in via Callum Air. Combat dropped off Liz and Damion. Found some Brit army and some “Well Dressed Gentlemen”. A glowy bottled blue man said something about “windtalkers” and was very indignant when Damian tried to intimidate it. The Seal team and Callum snuck out the back when the cows in the barn burst out. “OOOOhhhh yeah!”

A green flare was deployed by the Mercurians. It was shot down.

Ran from some USA branded Walkers supporting the guys. The Walkers are from South Carolina Mercs.

Evacced back to the Hobb’s End Alchera.

Jack blipped some spirits.

Damian managed to contact an electrical entity.

Baron Gustavus Hermes is wealthy

Britiannia By Steam 1912

Headed to a different timeline. Similar to Earth, but diverging in the 1800’s.

Britain is very strong, having stopped Napoleon early on and having sabotaged the rest of the world’s governments.

A ghost train was seen. The tech of this world is run by mercurians. Controls are mostly acoustic.

Elizabeth has a counterpart in this timeline, she’s old and living in retirement.

Mercurian Society (Damien’s uplift type) is entrenched in the British government.

Rooms were acquired.

Hobb’s End visited.

Hobb’s End alchera visited. Is very much like the locale. Ghosts inhabit a specific layer of the Alchera at a time.

Widow South is a natural at the alcheras, but uncontrolled.

Kir: We also found out about the Black Knight of Charlemagne. And some speculations about the existence of Damien or Elizabeth in the 1912 frame!

The Story So Far

The characters work for the arm of the British government called Torchwood. They are troubleshooters with an extended genome that has been either grafted onto them, or replaced their own.

They’ve had assignments and such. Need more details. Bonn got blown up.

What other stuff needs to be added here?

It all starts with Damion, Alex, and Elizabeth getting to Saint Mary’s church in 2013 via different ways. Due to injuries that the characters had along with shock they were taken to the hospital. Here they were interrogated by the police who ended up being a Torchwood agent. The characters were soon taken to a Torchwood safe house and helped to get up to speed on the time. They were introduced to Callum and started working for Torchwood. After many missions doing things from tracking down extra-dimensional parasites that take over peoples bodies, to fighting Zoinoids at the Titanic (it never sank and is now a museum), to finding out that the leader of the Uplift Church was working with PAIN (Pan-African Islamic Nations) where unfortunately the lovely German city of Bonn was blown sky high when the alchera under it had a bad case of power overload. The characters escaped and started working with other factions to take PAIN’s main place of power Shangri-La. After the successful severing of PAIN from their alchera it was found that the portal used to get into Shangri-La could be used to travel to other places and this brings our brave heroes to an alternate reality where it is 1912 and some people can control machines with their minds just like Damion.


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