Nova Luna

Britiannia By Steam 1912

Headed to a different timeline. Similar to Earth, but diverging in the 1800’s.

Britain is very strong, having stopped Napoleon early on and having sabotaged the rest of the world’s governments.

A ghost train was seen. The tech of this world is run by mercurians. Controls are mostly acoustic.

Elizabeth has a counterpart in this timeline, she’s old and living in retirement.

Mercurian Society (Damien’s uplift type) is entrenched in the British government.

Rooms were acquired.

Hobb’s End visited.

Hobb’s End alchera visited. Is very much like the locale. Ghosts inhabit a specific layer of the Alchera at a time.

Widow South is a natural at the alcheras, but uncontrolled.

Kir: We also found out about the Black Knight of Charlemagne. And some speculations about the existence of Damien or Elizabeth in the 1912 frame!


It’s really less Britannia by steam, and more like Britannia by Ghostlight.

Britiannia By Steam 1912

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