Nova Luna

Seals inbound

Headed to Bexley. A multinational team was in trouble. Flew in via Callum Air. Combat dropped off Liz and Damion. Found some Brit army and some “Well Dressed Gentlemen”. A glowy bottled blue man said something about “windtalkers” and was very indignant when Damian tried to intimidate it. The Seal team and Callum snuck out the back when the cows in the barn burst out. “OOOOhhhh yeah!”

A green flare was deployed by the Mercurians. It was shot down.

Ran from some USA branded Walkers supporting the guys. The Walkers are from South Carolina Mercs.

Evacced back to the Hobb’s End Alchera.

Jack blipped some spirits.

Damian managed to contact an electrical entity.

Baron Gustavus Hermes is wealthy


The electrical entities are non-harmful paradoxes that love being inside of iPad Minines. They were able to track the seal team by the radio frequency we were using hurting them. We are working on adjusting the frequency higher out of their range. Given a clue by the entities that the Baron could be Guthrie, need to pay him a visit. Dameon also dropped his name when he flashed his badge at the Mercurians when he first arrived to help the seal team, need to make sure that this realities Dameon has a solid alibi. Side note: could start using the Hobb’s End alchera to stash/study the technology of this world. Possibly see about the construction of a secondary portal there.

Seals inbound

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