Nova Luna

The Story So Far

The characters work for the arm of the British government called Torchwood. They are troubleshooters with an extended genome that has been either grafted onto them, or replaced their own.

They’ve had assignments and such. Need more details. Bonn got blown up.

What other stuff needs to be added here?

It all starts with Damion, Alex, and Elizabeth getting to Saint Mary’s church in 2013 via different ways. Due to injuries that the characters had along with shock they were taken to the hospital. Here they were interrogated by the police who ended up being a Torchwood agent. The characters were soon taken to a Torchwood safe house and helped to get up to speed on the time. They were introduced to Callum and started working for Torchwood. After many missions doing things from tracking down extra-dimensional parasites that take over peoples bodies, to fighting Zoinoids at the Titanic (it never sank and is now a museum), to finding out that the leader of the Uplift Church was working with PAIN (Pan-African Islamic Nations) where unfortunately the lovely German city of Bonn was blown sky high when the alchera under it had a bad case of power overload. The characters escaped and started working with other factions to take PAIN’s main place of power Shangri-La. After the successful severing of PAIN from their alchera it was found that the portal used to get into Shangri-La could be used to travel to other places and this brings our brave heroes to an alternate reality where it is 1912 and some people can control machines with their minds just like Damion.



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