Callum O'Brien

Former SRR Member from London now merged with a Bio-Booster

Head Laser Vibro Blades Mega Smasher Armor Plates Gravitic Flight Toughness Heat Limit
5d Damage Armor Piercing War Machine Scale(+4 d above Striker) Feature Code adds to strength vs damage Sense Gravitics Feature Code adds to Strength vs Resistances Feature dice in turns of Combat, any shooting: voids stealth
Striker Scale Striker Scale AOE Cylinder when both lens are activated Per Die of Skill Perks: Move in 3D Per die of skill Perks:
Full Auto Capable Take no penalty for Personal Scale Biobooster/Skill for Damage Mount? Gravitics Skill(mechanical) ?
Aims on striker Scale Damage based on Att or Skill 3d of damage dice per lens per scene Swoop Movement
Dex/E-Weapons Skill + Biobooster Attribute Dex/Melee skill Per Die of skill Perks: Per Die of Skill Perks:
Range of Blaster Carbine Per Die of skill Perks: Accuracy ?
Per Die of skill Perks: Accuracy Damage
Accuracy Defense Special Effect
Damage Pip Damage Pips (bonus tracking, long range)
Special Effect:start fires, down scale

Callum is a early-thirties former Special Reconnaissance Regiment(SRR) member. He has two parents (retired) and a sister (curator for a private gallery) living in London. He started college but did not his time there. He instead joined the British Army shortly before the September 11th attacks in the US pulled NATO allies into Afghanistan. He pulled several tours in Afghanistan as a recon specialist before being recruited by the SRR.

The SRR employs state-of-the-art electronic surveillance gear to eavesdrop on their targets. After completing SRR training he was assigned to a Specialist Reconnaissaince Detachment(SpR Det) in Afghanistan supporting the SAS. Callum worked closely with SAS operatives, providing close target reconnaissance, surveillance, ‘eyes-on’ intelligence and interrogation.

His last mission with the SRR was locating where the weaponry for a renewed offensive in the Helmand province was being stored and distributed from. He and his team tracked down a cave complex they suspected to be the warehouse for the munitions. It turned out to be an ancient Buddhist monastery that was being used to store both munitions and poppies. The team was engaged during entry by vigorous defense that included machine gun and rpg fire.

After the firefight, Callum and the survivors of the recon team started to sort through the wreckage and assembled all the available intelligence. Inside one of the crates was the symbiote package. Callum inadvertently activated the symbiote and it merged with him. In the intelligence recovered, it was noted that the bio-booster was found by the Taliban forces and had ‘eaten’ several commanders before it had been stored in the warehouse.

Callum was seconded to Torchwood after it was verified that he did not need to be immediately eliminated as a security threat.

Callum O'Brien

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