Damion Caruthers


Damion is 5’6" tall with wiry muscles on a lean frame. He has thick dark brown hair parted on the side and a big handle bar mustache. Do to his Victorian values and upbringing, Damion even in modern times normally dresses in dark earth toned three piece suits with a Victorian flair to them along with black ties. With his suits he wears brown Doc Martian boots and a classic style black trench coat. He carries a Springfield 1911 and a Broom Handled Mauser in concealed shoulder holsters under his suit jacket along with a long bladed knife in one boot. When needed a concealable bullet proof vest is worn under his suit.


Damion was born in London in 1865 to a family with a tradition of military and police service. He grew up idolizing his father who was a Scotland Yard detective and his older brother who lost his life in the First Boer War. His parents made sure he had a good education and when he was of age Damion entered the police force. He worked his way through the ranks until he became a detective. After several high profile cases Damion was making a name for himself and earned a reputation as an honorable man. After doing some work for the royal family that the public did not need to know about he had a case that changed his life forever. After investigating some unusual murders Damion tracked down the killers to a Thames dock side warehouse. Entering he found a cult summoning creatures from beyond to do their assassinations. When he attempted to stop the cult he was joined by unknown agents and was able to put a stop to them. A few days later he was approached by the same unknown agents and accepted a commission with Torchwood, a secret organization established by Queen Victoria to protect the Empire from threats both super natural and alien. Combining his police and Torchwood assets for the betterment of both, Damion was able to close cold police cases while using unusual police reports to alert Torchwood to incursions. After several years of service to Torchwood the case that would change him forever happened. In 1901 he tracked down a mad scientist to the catacombs of Saint Mary’s where he tried to stop a dimensional portal from being used. After a shoot out with the scientist the portal exploded and activated. Damion was severely wounded and sucked through the anomaly. Things go dream like for a while as strange creatures rebuild Damion, then they return him through a similar portal to Earth. Waking up Damion stumbled his way out of the church’s catacombs and into the year 2013. Finding Elizabeth and Alex in the church they soon make contact with Torchwood and a new era in Damion’s career starts as he tries to understand the new powers that now are a part of him.

Damion Caruthers

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