Elizabeth Lerwick

Uplifted Lioness, Archeologist and linguist

Elizabeth is a Victorian born anthropomorphic Lioness. She has tawny colored body fur, creme colored belly fur, dirty blonde shoulder blade length hair and a dirty blonde tail tuft. The clothing she wears is mostly modern but with Victorian influences such as a Victorian style corset,a long lose skirt, blouse with ruffles and lace, a Leghorn hat, a fitted vest and a fitted ankle length greatcoat. She normally carries a customized engraved LeMat revolver with pink Ivory Wood grips that was a gift to her from her late husband right before they set off for Egypt in 1869.

Ellie was born in 1839 in the south eastern united states the daughter to a wealthy land owning family. She had 2 sisters and 2 brothers. She moved to Great Brittan in 1859 along with her one of her sisters to court a husband where she charmed and fell in love with Sir William Lerwick Earl of Stockport. They Married in march 5th of 1860 in London and she moved into her husbands Manor in Stockport. Ellie always had a high level of intelligence, a keen mind and a love of reading. She gracefully fulfilled the duties of a proper upper class Victorian lady but it was never enough to keep her mind filled.

Her husband being quite progressive for the time realized that Elizabeth’s mind was capable of much more and that her duties as a lady did not fully mentally fulfill or satisfy her even though she never said it or complained. He offered to allow her to receive schooling to learn a scholarly trade as long as it did not interfere with her normal duties as his wife and baroness of Stockport. She quickly jumped on the opportunity and because of all the dime novels and stories she had read decided to study archeology and linguistics. Over the next 6 years her husband brought professors to there manor in Stockport to teach her until she earned her degree becoming one of the first but not publicly known females to earn a doctorate.

She lived happily with her loving husband for several more years until they went on a trip to Egypt in 1869 where she accidentally stumbled into a Alchara while exploring a Egyptian tomb and was killed by the goddess Bast or a creature masquerading as Bast. she woke up exploding out of a statue in the year the 2012 in the basement of a church in London as a uplifted anthropomorphic lioness where the game nova Luna begins.

Elizabeth very much loves fine clothing, flirting and wine. She tends to fall for males who act like a true gentleman and treat her like a lady. She is very strong willed and usually very prim and proper though as a Torchwood agent she can be very professional and intimidating. Though she is slowly getting used to modern society she tries to retain and maintain her Victorian values which sometimes cause some discomfort and shock with some of the clothing and culture that is considered normal in modern society.

Though she was raised that a lady was never hurtful, violent or aggressive she believes that she was given the gift of her new uplift body putting her in a unique position and she should use it to help and protect others. Because of this she is capable of great Violence if needed.

Elizabeth Lerwick

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