Uplifted Tiger, military specialist


Theodore is an uplifted Tiger. Like all of the uplifts, he was an orphan foundling. The UK Military found him at an early age and pulled him out of living in a chain of ill-prepared foster homes. He is officially part of the SAS, though he has a certain amount of leeway given his contacts in the intelligence services.

Theodore is loyal to the UK and its allies, but his primary focus is self-cultivation. The more somebody, or some group, demands loyalty or obedience, the more leery he becomes. He makes it his task to learn everything that can be learned, be it knowledge or skill, and with an emphasis on personal and small-unit combat. His archetypes would be a special forces soldier, a ninja, an esoteric martial arts master, or a warrior monk.

Other than performing his duty, he is apolitical, though Richard the Lion wishes to cultivate Theodore as a highly placed, highly proficient military contact. Theodore has no desire for command higher than small-unit level, and would take steps to resist higher promotion.

He is mated to Nykkit. Their relationship is based more on trust than on romance, in that she is one of the very few people who understand him. In fact, she is the only one who has ever made a point to ask, rather than seeing Theodore as simply a military asset.

Theodore is the most competent solo or small-unit combatant in the setting, unless a protagonist makes it a flag to become so. This is balanced by his apolitical stance. Nykkit, for her part, is able to keep up with Theodore by concentrating on specialist skills, such as sniping, tracking, etc., freeing up Theodore to take point or lead a small unit through danger.


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