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  • Theodore

    Theodore is an uplifted Tiger. Like all of the uplifts, he was an orphan foundling. The UK Military found him at an early age and pulled him out of living in a chain of ill-prepared foster homes. He is officially part of the SAS, though he has a …

  • Guthrie

    Guthrie is an uplifted Scotty dog, and a genius villain. Damian was chasing him in 1901, when Guthrie's portal exploded, casting Damian through spacetime into the 2013 (then 2012) Frame. The team found out that Guthrie had a set of Enochian …

  • Nykkit

    Nykkit is a female uplifted lynx. She is mated to Theodore. She is naturally introverted, and prefers to watch the world. Theodore uses this trait of hers in specialist roles as a sniper, observer, or overwatch.

  • "King" Richard the Lion

    Richard is an uplift lion. He has spent years researching history and politics. He wishes to ascend to the throne of Great Britain, but not at the price of civil war. He is a nationalist, and wishes Great Britain to become a great power again. …

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