Hobb's End 1912

Story from the Landlord:

Starts with the Romans. Currents are strange in the bay so the boats tipped easily. William the Conquerer also had problems. Lots of fishermen also died. Vikings, etc. Swimmers would come out and search for viking gold. Lots of drowning. Scottish diver brought up the last of the viking gold. Huge man, great beard. Also got a hilt of the hammer. Henry the 8th got it as a gift. (need to look for this item)

House on the hill has a widow lady that talks to things. Helen South.

The pub down in Hob’s End is called the Gutter and the Grave. It is reputed to have been on the site for hundreds of years, built by William the Conqueror’s men in the 1000’s. The same building in the 2013 Frame is being rebuilt by Damien and the group.

Local Color

Landlord’s daughter has taken a shine to Callum.


Definitely an Alchera. Should be similar parameters as the 2013 counterpart.


Hobb's End 1912

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